Sharing Honey Hunting Experiences

Honey Hunting is always a new experience. Considering weather, seasons, places, location, areas, permissions, driving, hours to plan, execution, safety measures, and many more things. Driving in hilly areas to forests, villages, and hamlets for finding beehives takes a lot of challenges, not only physical but also mental, that we face when going for seasonal honey collections. Climbing up the Cliff and collecting hives is something not easy. It took sometimes 3-4 trips of going up and down to fill and empty the honey basket. Caring about bees and making them harmless is one of the key aspects which is our priority. Securing honey bee colonies, bee species, and careful about forest fires are other important aspects which we care utmost.

This honey hunting not only gives the purest honey directly to our customers but also gives employment to many villagers and traditional honey hunters.

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