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What our clients say

I love cooking and experimenting with food with healthy and nutritious ingredients. I have used this honey for Chia seed drinks with honey and lime, salad dressing, chocolate nut cake, apple honey Pan Cake, Blue Raspberry smoothie and many more, I found this perfect. Must try Wild Tales Honey!

Bhavya Malaviya, Director - Content Writer, Noida

I have experienced this as the best raw honey in India. I referred my family and friends to use wildtaleshoney, they also felt the same. I have used this Honey for Gifting purposes also and overwhelmed with the quality. This is a very good quality product and very nutritious.

Piyush Badoni, Mayur Vihar 1, New Delhi

What can I say? Wild Tales Honey is perfect for boosting immunity and having great taste! It's everything I needed and more - all wrapped up in one excellent experience. Thank you for doing your job right, you sure know how to make a customer feel special. Keep up the great work!!

Deepak Kumar Singh, Head-Finance, Noida

I was happy to know that I could get this amazing Raw honey in my area! This is just great what you guys do. My kids love the honey, and we are using this honey on daily basis to increase our immunity.

Anadi Shrivastava, CEO iXCheck Technologies

I was searching for raw pure honey when I came across with brand Wild Tales Honey. I have seen many brands of raw honey earlier, so I could differentiate the quality and purity provided by Wild Tales raw Honey. I also did my few tests at my home for checking the quality of the honey and found it VERY GOOD. Definitely, I would recommend it to anyone. Keep it up wild tales team!!

Sujib Choudhary, Sr Business Manager, Dainik Bhaskar

Finest quality of Honey. The first time, I knew about this startup up through one of my colleagues. I have ordered a 500 gms jar and compared it with other brands and found Wildtales Honey excellent and pure original. Wild Tales is doing excellent work. Keep it up!!

Sidharth Katyayan, Noida

Nutritious food is essential for a healthy and happy life. I love Wild Tales Honey for its nutritious value. Wild Tales team does hard work for sourcing it through the valleys of the Himalayas. I have first tasted this honey in Jan 2021 and recommended many of my friends, families and office colleagues to use this product. I am happy to see the growth of Wild Tales Honey!!

Manwinder Singh, Sr Manager- IT, Noida

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wild Tales Honey Pure?

Wild Tales Honey is 100% pure and natural honey, sourced from the valleys of the Himalayas. The altitude is almost 8000 feet and there is zero pollution in the valleys. This hilly region is famous for its herbal plants and flowers. This extremely rare honey is hand-harvested using eco-friendly and natural methods that protect the bees and preserve the natural pollen, Vitamins, Minerals, and Enzymes found in Honey. With absolutely zero adulteration and zero processing, Wild Tales Honey is free from any form of chemical additives like preservatives, antibiotics, aroma, and external color. Hence, it is ideal for building immunity and keep you healthy.

What is Raw Honey?

Raw Honey simply means honey as present in the honeycomb. It has many essential micronutrients, beneficial enzymes and bee pollen.
Commercial honey brands heavily process honey, which involves heavy heating and ultrafiltration, which compromises its nutritional and medicinal value.
In the contrary WILD TALES HONEY packs 100% Pure raw honey. One can easily make out the difference by its natural aroma.
Anyone who has tasted honey directly from the comb can easily identify the rawness of WILD TALES HONEY.

Whether Wild Tales Honey is Raw or Processed?

Wild Tales Honey is just about ‘RAW’ because it is utterly unheated, unprocessed, and unfiltered. Hence bee pollen and all essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals & live natural enzymes are intact.
Thereby ensuring that our customers get the best products with the utmost nutritional value. One can easily make out its rawness by its natural aroma.

Is Wild Tales Honey Organic?

Wild Tales Honey is 100% pure and organic honey. We procure it from deep forest areas away from pollution or any kind of pesticide spray.

Is Wild Tales Honey ‘Organic Certified’?

No, Wild Tales Honey is not certified as organic honey. Because genuine certification is a very expensive and complex process.
However, when you compare Wild Tales Honey with any certified organic honey, you will find Wild Tales Honey equal to or even better than the certified organic honey.

How do you know if Honey is Pure?

We follow these steps to ensure the purity of Wild Tales honey:

1) Till today, we don’t rely on intermediaries to source our honey. We travel to each area personally to source our honey. This enables us to get raw honey directly from the valleys of the Himalayas.
2) After procurement, Honey undergoes testing in certified laboratory. Apart from the common adulterants (Invert sugar, HFCS and rice syrup) which is added externally, these tests can even detect whether honey bees fed with sugar syrup.
3) To ensure the authentic variety, Wild Tales honey undergoes pollen test. In this test, honey is viewed under a microscope. If more than 50% of bee pollen belongs to one particular flower that honey is mono-floral honey (Ex Jamun Honey).
To know authentic information about honey testing, please go through online  YouTube videos  ”HOW TO CHECK PURITY OF HONEY”.

What Is the Price Of Wild Tales Honey?

WILD TALES HONEY sells authentic Raw Natural Honey. Following are the latest Prices.

1 kg – INR 1299

500 gm – INR 699

250 gm – INR 399

40 gms – INR 99

1 kg (Immunity Gift Pack) – INR 1399

2 kg (Family Gift Pack) – INR 2399

Note: Check out our discount coupons available on Home Page Section.

Use Coupon Code “wildtales” for 10% discount upon cart value of INR 1000.

Where can I buy Wild Tales Honey?

You can buy Wild Tales Honey (which is 100% Natural & raw honey) from or call on our website mobile no or email at

Does Natural Honey expires?

It is essential for you to know that natural honey doesn’t expire if stored properly. It is always recommendable to store natural honey in a cool and dry place. it should be stored in glass or stainless steel container.
As a matter of fact, Wild Tales Honey doesn’t have an expiry date.
However, we find “Best before” date mentioned on all honey labels, only meant to follow the label rules of food regulations.
Pure and natural honey only darkens with age, and this darkening process fastens with an increase in temperature. Honey ageing is measured by the evaluation of HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural) content in honey.
The darkening of natural honey is also a possible result of Millard’s reaction. This reaction mainly takes place between the amino acids and monosaccharides present in honey.
In spite of darkening, honey will be edible for thousands of years. Honey found in the Egyptian pyramid was edible even after 3000 long years.

What is Honey Processing and why it is done?

In earlier days people use to consume honey directly from beehives. All the benefits attributed to honey is because of its bioactive compounds like antioxidants, enzymes, bee pollen and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.
Nowadays, when commercial interest took over. They process honey extensively to make it more appealing and smooth, Compromising its nutritional and medicinal value.
Processing of honey includes heating, filtration and moisture reduction. It is a common practice in most of the commercial honey.
If honey is Heated beyond 45°C, It starts losing its nutritive value. The industry practice is to heat honey around 65-70°C. This robs all the nutrition from honey. This is done to pasteurise and kill yeast activity in honey.

Wild Tales Honey is totally unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed. We filter the honey through the natural process through a mesh just to remove bee parts, bee wax, and solids.